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Private Guards

Act 208 (2010) raises standards for the guard industry by specifying educational, criminal history, and training requirements for all guards and employees of guard companies who act in a guard capacity. The Act results from a legislative finding that the education and training requirements in the existing law for guards are inadequate to protect the public and to provide for high-quality guard services. For example, under the prior law, it was possible for an individual to act as an armed security guard with an eighth grade education and no formal training at all. Effective July 1, 2013 the new requirements of the act apply to all guards, and all agents, operatives, and assistants of a guard agency, private business entity, or government agency who act in a guard capacity. Specifically, those individuals must register with the State and meet certain registration, instruction, and training requirements prior to acting as a guard. Some association employees are required to meet these requirements even if they do not have “guard” in their job title or description. Associations should check to see which employees fall within the regulations.

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