Ekimoto & Morris: What We Do

By focusing on the law relating to condominiums and community associations, we can provide prompt, responsive service at a reasonable price.  We are familiar with many of the issues and laws affecting community associations and normally do not need to undertake extensive research for most questions other than a review of your unique governing document provisions.

We try to keep a sense of proportion in our billing and balance what is required with what the client can afford.  For example, we recognize that we cannot always bill a client for all the research which may be required on a new issue.  Sometimes, the answer may not be worth as much to the client as the cost of providing it.

We also use a legal assistant for collections, to reduce the billing rate and costs for our clients.  We try to follow a cost effective approach to disputes and enforcement.  Except for foreclosures and collections, we try to help our clients avoid litigation.  The cost is high and the outcome is often not satisfactory for either side.  Still, litigation is sometimes necessary because the case involves an important issue or the opposing party will not listen to reason.  In those instances, our firm has experienced litigators able to represent you in the dispute.